Brain Study Group

Brain Study Group for Brainspotting Practitioners

Dates and times TBA

We will study the 2 brain slides with Frank Corrigan and Damir delMonte’s theories about how BSP is working in the brain. I will have more slides and supporting info to make these theories part of your BSP repertoire in explaining our theory of what happens in the brain during a BSP session.

Please read Frank Corrigan and David Grand’s article in the Phase 1 Manual, Medical Hypotheses - Brainspotting: Recruiting the midbrain for accessing and healing sensorimotor memories of traumatic activation.

Homework suggested -  study buddies or groups in-between sessions

$50/group payable as $200 by start of group
Please contact me for payment plans – [email protected]
10% will be donated to the BSP BIPOC Scholarship Fund

Please pay by check (info below),
Zelle (Deborah Antinori, [email protected] , 908 507-4254,
Or Venmo (@Deborah_Antinori)
By check – made out to:
Deborah Antinori
87 Onderdonk Rd.
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Note: Any bank fees due to returned checks will be the responsibility of the participant.

Target audience: Psychologists, Psychoanalysts, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, MFTs, Counselors, Substance Abuse Counselors, Nurses. Course content level: Introductory and Intermediate level


First Session 

Basic Brain Anatomy – PowerPoint (PPT) and lecture

  • Lobes and functions
  • Brain “GPS” terms – modifiers indicating specific brain locations, i.e. vmPFC, dlPFC, ACC

PPT and lecture

  • Superior Colliculus slide - Brainspotting Phase 1 & 2 Manuals/PPT
    • Frank Corrigan’s theory on the SC including midbrain engagement as per Jaak Panksepp
    • Retinocollicular Pathway, The “Fast Track” visual pathway 7 layers – 3 superficial (visual), 4 deep (visual, auditory, nociceptive (pain/temperature)/visceral, tactile

Mini break

Discussion, Q&A

Second Session 

PPT and lecture

  • Review Superior Colliculus anatomy and function

PPT and lecture

  • Frank Corrigan article – “Recruiting the Midbrain Circuits”
    Theory of brain connections due to SC engagement

  • Break included if needed
  • Dyads, teaching about SC and Frank Corrigan’s theory to partner

  • Debrief dyads, Q&A
  • Homework for next session on Damir delMonte’s regulation areas, agranular isocortex
    • Study notes from trainings, view 11 min video, chart and narrative I will send

Third Session 

PPT and lecture

  • Brain Regulation slide – Brainspotting Phase 1 & 2 manuals/PPPT
    • Agranular Isocortex – regulates vmPFC, OFC, ACC
    • Allocortex contribution to regulation
    • Granular Isocortex – doesn’t regulate Only 1 indirect connection to “Alarm Centers”:


PPT and lecture

  • What the Agranular Isocortex regulates
    • “Alarm Centers”
      • Amygdala
        • Hypothalamus – HPA Axis
          • Hypothalamus to Pituitary to Adrenal producing Cortisol
        • PAG
          • Defensive Survival Programs
            • Flight, Fight, Freeze, Faint, Dissociation

Mini Break

Discussion, Q&A

Fourth Session

PPT and lecture

  • The Insula and the Basal Ganglia

Review, Q&A, discussion

Course objectives

  1. Identify the regulating and non-regulating areas of the brain
  2. Describe the HPA Axis
  3. Demonstrate how to trace the Retinocollicular Pathway and its inputs to the thalamus and amygdala
  4. Describe the parts of the allocortex that contribute to regulation
  5. Explain the function of the IV Granular Layer in the Granular Isocortex
  6. Discuss way the Basal Ganglia must be involved in Brainspotting Therapy

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