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"The fact that you've picked up this tape means that we share the very deep loss of a devoted companion and friend. A pet gives so much love and loyalty to its owner, that we humans who are left behind can feel somewhat lost without the presence of this dear animal. The death of a pet reminds us of the precious brevity of life and the seasons and cycles of time....

Let's begin now with some of the reasons you may be experiencing such a deep sense of loss...Know that the feelings touched upon have deep significance for the time invested with a being who has the qualities of a child who never grows up. Truly your pet never learned to make his or her own peanut butter and jelly sandwich and potty training only goes so far -- either you cleaned a litter box, cage, or stable for years, or perhaps walked your trusty companion in the rain and snow. You must appreciate the deep feelings that can be pulled up in you, by a being who is truly dependent upon you. Your animal has the qualities of a beloved child..."

- An excerpt from the beginning of 'Journey Through Pet Loss'

Listen to Excerpts from the book

We've provided four excerpts from the audio book for visitors to listen to. Click the 'play' button next to the excerpt you're interested in. You may click the 'stop' button to stop playback at any time.

Tape 1 - Excerpt 1
Tape 1 - Excerpt 2
Tape 2 - Excerpt 1
Tape 2 - Excerpt 2

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