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Therapy Office: Jersey City, NJ

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Reviews for 'Journey Through Pet Loss'

Billboard, Trudi Rosenblum
“Antinori offers comfort and reassurance as well as practical suggestions for dealing with grief…Antinori has a wonderfully gentle, soothing voice that is perfect for this type of tape…” © 1999 BPI Communications, Inc. Used with permission from Billboard ®

KLIATT, Mary I. Purucker
“Antinori’s voice is warm, smiling intimate and empathetic. She makes listeners feel she is talking directly to them…”

NAPRA ReView, Anita Manuel
“She skillfully and compassionately assists the listener in dealing with the anguish, telling little stories of her life with Yoko and of her own grief at his (sic) death, carefully describing each step in capturing memories.”

The Midwest Book Review, James A. Cox
“In Journey Through Pet Loss, Deborah Antinori address(es) every aspect of losing a beloved family pet…This…audiobook production is technically flawless and will prove to be an invaluable and much appreciated addition to personal, school and public library collections.”

Affaire de Coeur (Audio World), Bennet Pomerantz
“Journey Through Pet Loss…takes us in the steps of grieving for a loved family pet. Deborah’s audio also seems more personal to the listener. It touches you—because she understands the loss.”

Susan Chernak McElroy, author - Animals as Teachers & Healers
"This tape series is just wonderful -- a soothing balm, a healing compress during times of great loss. If you've lost your animal companion and wonder how your heart could ever mend, please, take this loving and unique, Journey Through Pet Loss."

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author - When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love
"All of us are going to lose an animal close to our hearts, and at those times I urge you to listen to Journey Through Pet Loss. It won't replace your animal, but it will validate your feelings of having lost a family member."

AudioFile, Anita G. Harding
"Antinori expresses the grief process through original poetry and shares important resources. She also encourages the listeners to take their own paths in experiencing grief. Antinori reads with sensitivity and compassion, clearly indicating she is close to the subject matter."

Hanan Caine, VMD
"I'm glad, as a veterinarian, that I now have a thorough resource that helps pet owners to deal with their grief."

Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Dana Durrance, MA
"An insightful, creative and heartfelt odyssey through the loss of a beloved companion animal. Deborah understands the importance of using creativity and imagery to help move grief from the intellectual realm to the emotional one. Anyone suffering from the loss of a special friend should experience Deborah's unique approach to healing. she provides valuable ideas in a way that feels very personal and meaningful."

Delta Society, WA, Ann Howie, ACSW, Animal Assisted Therapy Service Manager .
"Information given from the heart...Deborah utilizes sound psychological principles in her work. Excellent referrals to additional resources. Everyone will find something they can use from this tape set and booklet."

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