Table Of Contents

Tape 1 Side 1

  • Introduction
  • Reasons why one can experience such a deep sense of loss
  • The importance of reminiscence
  • Early memories of first getting your pet
  • Your pet's unique personality and antics
  • Practical ways to capture memories
  • Personal life review including pet's importance to you

Tape 1 Side 2

  • Further reasons why one can feel a deep sense of loss
  • Your pet symbolizing a child or "ideal parent "
  • Associated losses triggered
  • Memorial tributes
  • Impact of pet loss on children
  • Issues regarding pet's illness and death
  • Euthanasia
  • Burial /Cremation
  • My experience losing Yoko

Tape 2 Side 1

  • Grief phases and tasks
  • "All of a Sudden" original poetry collection interspersed with grief phases

Tape 2 Side 2

  • Complicated mourning
  • Other forms pet loss can take
  • Closure
  • Remembering Buff

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